Simple steps to get the starburst effect in photography

The Sun Star Effect produces a lovely creative photo. I really enjoy doing this effect when I photograph a landscape with a beautiful sun. However, this effect can also be done at night with the lights encountered.

Find out how to create this stunning effect in 5 easy steps!

Step 1 : Choose your equipment

First of all, you need to get a camera able to shoot in manual mode. Additionally, you must have a good lens because every lens will not produce the same result. The stars will depend on the number of blades that compose the diaphragm.

A tripod can also be useful, especially when shooting in low light.

Step 2 : Be aware of the weather

Depending on the weather the effect will not be the same. Naturally, it must be sunny and not too cloudy or foggy otherwise it will be difficult to get a nice rendering.

Besides, the starburst effect turns out very well at night because it does not depend on the natural light, but on the lights produced around you (street lights, cars…).

Step 3 : Find a great angle.

To capture the sun in the golden hours, (or daylight) it will be necessary to find a good vantage point to create this effect. The sun needs to be partially hidden by anything nearby. It can be a rock, wood, tree leaves…

Moreover, that will bring an aspect of your image even more creative and original!

Step 4 : Aperture – The ultimate point

Without adjusting the aperture of the camera you can’t have this effect. This is the most important setting to get a nice star!

It’s necessary to use a small aperture (f/11 – f/22). The smaller the aperture, the more pronounced the star will be.

Step 5 : Use the proper camera settings

To create this effect the picture must be taken in manual mode to be able to make the adjustments.

Therefore, choose a small aperture (large number) and under-expose slightly. The ISO sensitivity should also be lowered because the lower the ISO, the better the quality.

Here are the settings I use to achieve this effect ↓

Have you already tried this effect? Share your beautiful pictures with me!

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